Reasons for studying in Serampore College


The Serampore College, the first Theological University of Asia, was founded in 1818 by Rev. Dr. William Carey the Father of Modern Mission along with his missionary colleagues Joshua Marshman and William Ward and it was granted the Danish Royal Charter in 1827 by His Excellency, the King Frederick VI of Denmark for conferring degrees in Theology as well as in other fields. The Serampore College Act was incorporated by the Serampore College Act, 1918 also known as Bengal Govt. Act IV of 1918 as modified upto 1997 by the Government of West Bengal. The Serampore College is governed by its Council and it has been granting theological degrees through its Senate office working with 60 plus Colleges, Seminaries and Institutions in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, developing thousands of Pastors, Professors, Teachers, Evangelists and Leaders for the Churches and Institutions.

The Serampore College Faculty of Theology remains as the Mother College founded by the Missionaries in Serampore on the fertile bank of the Hooghly River with an incomparable scenic beauty of nature and richness of heritage with gothic structures and buildings since the time of Danish rule. This historic Faculty of Theology of Serampore College heartily welcomes and admits students of various cultures, languages, identities and financial backgrounds into its excellent education system with practical and field education as well as classroom teachings by a group of highly qualified and efficient theological teachers. This College is proud of producing eminent Church leaders, Bishops, Theologians, and Pastors in the past and present. It has a rich history of exchange of short termed foreign visiting Professors, lecturers as well as students.