Community Life

Composition of Teachers & Students:

The ‘catholicity’ or ‘ecumenical character’ has been retained by the College throughout its history of last 200 years. It has been reflected in the appointments of Principals and teachers, and students who were drawn from different states and denominations both from India and abroad. Within this academic year 2018-19, there are 166 students (BD – 144, MTh – 16 and D.Th – 6) in the Faculty of Theology. The women and men students together representing various denominations, language groups and regions give a very unique feature of community life to the Faculty of Theology.

Theology Society:

This is the student body which represents the students’ general welfare and collective interests. President and the committee annually elected by the student body help in matters of discipline and activities such as campus social work, games and sports, seminars and debates, competition, cultural programmes, etc. which they carry out under the guidance of a Staff Advisor. The elected leaders of the Theology Society for the year 2018-19 are:

1. Chief Advisor Dr. Vansanglura, Principal
2. Staff Advisor Rev. K. Laltlankima, Asst. Professor of Theology
3. President Mr. M. Mahiban Melif, BD-IV
4. Vice President Mr. Banteiborlang Muktieh, BD – IV
5. Secretary Mr. Ebenezar Darlington A, BD – IV
6. Asst. Secretary Mr. Lalhluosang Hmar, BD – III
7. Treasurer Mr. P. Jim Gnanan Matthews, BD – III
8. Finance Secretary Mr. Daniel Diptarko Chattejee, BD – II
9. Sport Secretary Mr. P.L. Joyson Shangne, BD – IV
10. Cultural Secretary Ms. Viloli A. Zhimo, BD – IV


The College has a Men’s Hostel which can house in single, double and triple rooms  for more than 100 men students, Women’ Hostel for more than 30 women students and 10 Married Students Quarters. Wardens for both Men and Women Hostel assisted by a Hostel Committee care for the day to day administration of the life in the hostel campus.

Following are the leaders of the Hostel Committee for 2018-19:

1. Warden (Men & MSQs) Rev. Lalhriatkima, Asst. Professor of Counselling
2. Warden (Women) Dr. Wandahilin Kharlukhi, Associate Professor of Theology
3. Hostel Secretary (Men) Mr. Jibin Jose, BD – IV
4. Hostel Secretary (Women) Ms. Suranjana Rani , BD – IV
5. Hostel Secretary (MSQs) Ms. H. Lalrinsangi, BD – IV

 Chapel & Devotional Life:

Devotional life on campus is given high priority as we are basically a worshipping community in training to serve the church in the nation. Every morning the teachers and students gather for morning worship at 8:00 to 8:30 AM with a worship roster to be followed by both the faculty and the students. At noon 1:15 PM the Intercession and in the evening at 6:30 PM the Vesper Service are led by the students in the College Chapel. These are occasions to develop personal spiritual life and community worship. Every Sunday there are two services, one in the morning at 9:00 AM in CLRC and the other at 6:00 PM in Mission Church, both services for the entire community.

Every Advisory Group of each Faculty member takes turn to lead the Weekdays morning Service and the Sunday Worship. After the Sunday morning Worship, the campus children join in the Sunday School conducted by the students of the Faculty of Theology.

Following are the responsible persons of Chapel & Worship Committee:

1. Chaplain Rev. Dr. Dipankar Haldar, Associate Professor of New Testament
2. Student Chaplain Ms. CZ Lalngaihsaki, BD – IV
3. Asst. Student Chaplain Mr. Lalthoikhup Hrangkhol, BD – III
4. Asst. Student Chaplain Mr. Salinraj A.V, BD – II

Advisory Groups:

Each student is assigned to Faculty’s Advisory Group. On the first Friday of every month these groups meet in the respective Faculty quarters for a time of fellowship and prayer. Sometimes they may plan an entertainment, a picnic and form into a care group. The staff member is responsible for the welfare of the members in the group. Every member is expected to offer their share to make the community rich in being a care and share group.

Student Christian Movement:

Student Christian Movement is a world student body which has an independent body in India known as the Student

Student Christian Movement is a world student body which has an independent body in India known as the Student Christian Movement of India located in Bangalore. The SCMI has a Unit or body in almost all the Christian colleges around the country. Like many other Christian colleges, Serampore College too has an unit of the Student Christian Movement. The SCMI-Serampore College Unit undertakes and performed various activities to uplift and help the students in their spiritual, physical and intellectual growth. They conducted seminars, music and languages classes, free health clinic and many other more.

Leaders of the SCMI – Serampore College Unit for 2018-19:

1. Staff Advisor Dr. Sentiwate Aier, Associate Professor of Religion.
2. President Ms. Kanika R. Chishi, BD – IV
3. Secretary Mr. Vineeth Easow Thomas, BD – III
4. Treasurer Mr. Kishor K. Ponganpara, BD – II

Recreational Facilities:

The College is provided with a good playground where Football and Cricket matches are held often for both Theology and Arts-Science-Commerce students and in the evening hours, even outsiders also comes to play. There are Volleyball and Badminton Courts within the hostel quadrangle. A Common Room in the Hostel has Table Tennis, Carom Board and Chess. The Sports Secretary arranges inter-departmental and inter-collegiate matches.

Internet (Wifi) Connection:

The college is fully equipped with the Internet facility since June 2013. The wifi internet connection is available for all the students in the hostels and library. Students can access the hi-speed internet connection 24 hours from their hostel rooms and classrooms.