I. Council of Serampore College

 The Council of Serampore College is the supreme/apex body in the structure of the College. Incorporated by the Royal Charter, granted in 1827, by the Danish King, Frederick, VI and enlarged by the Serampore College Act of 1918 by the Government of Bengal, the Council continues to exercise its overall responsibilities for this unique institution. It has a membership of seventeen members (including the Master and Principal) and has an ecumenical and representative character. It constantly seeks to win adequate support to the institution both as teaching college and as theological university. According to the Charter and Statutes of the College, the Council is vested with all powers, including that of management of the College. The council makes bye-laws for governing College administration. The members are appointed for 5 years term at a time. An Honorary Finance Secretary is appointed to work with the Principal, who is also the Secretary of the Council. The present Council consists of:

Master Bishop Dr. Anilkumar John Servand
Vice-Master  ..
Secretary Dr. Vansanglura


1. Dr. Vansanglura, Principal & Secretary  
2. Rev. Dr. Mar Atsongchanger  
3. Rev. F. Ramdinmawia  
4. Rev. Dr. Solomon Rongpi  
5. Rev. Anjan Singh  
6. Rev. Dr. Kavito Zhimo  
7. Metropolitan H.G. Dr. Yuhanon Mar Diascoros  
8. Rev. D.C. Haia Darnei  
9. Dr. John Abraham  
10. Rt. Rev. Dr. Royce Manoj Victor  
11. Rev. Lalramliana Pachuau  
12. Most Rev. Dr. P.C. Singh  
13. Rev. Dr. Sham P Thomas  
14. Rev. Tapas Mondal  
15. Dr. (Mrs) Nayanbala Dass  

  II. COLLEGE FACULTY   (Governing Body)

 The Faculty Committee is a local governing body which looks after the day to day administration of the College and its campus. The present members are:

1. Dr. Vansanglura Principal & President (Chairperson)
2. Dr. Bidyut Banerjee Vice Principal (ASC) & Faculty Secretary
3. Rev. Dr. Subhro Sekhar Sircar Vice Principal (Theology)
4. Mr. Jishnu Dasgupta Bursar (ASC)
4. Rev. Dr. Dipankar Halder Bursar (Theology)
5. Dr. Saradia Ray Secretary (ASC)
6. Mrs. Amongla Jamir Secretary (Theology)
7. Rev. Dr. Santanu K. Patro Registrar, Senate
8. Mr. Ashok Pradhan Finance Secretary, Council
9. Dr. Madhabendu Majumder Teachers’ Representative (ASC)
Dr. Gauranga Sinha Mahapatra
Dr. Samik Ray
Teachers’ Representative (ASC)
Teachers’ Representative (ASC)
12. Rev. K. Laltlankima Teachers’ Representative (Theo)
13. Non-teaching Representative (ASC)
14. Mr. Lakshmikanta Hudait Non-teaching Representative (ASC)
15. Mr. Kamal Nath Non-teaching Representative (Theo)
16. Daniel Diptorko Chatterjee Students’ Representative (Theo)
17.   Students’ Representative (ASC)
18   Students’ Representative (ASC)

III. THEOLOGY COMMITTEE: Theology Committee is an administering body of the Theology Department. It administered the day to day function and activities of the Department. The Committee consists of the Principal, Vice-Principal, Secretary, Three Teachers’ Representatives, One Non-Teaching Staff Representative, One Student Representative and Other Teachers & Librarian as Invitee. 

1. Dr. Vansanglura Principal & Ex-Officio Member
2. Rev. Dr. Subhro Sekhar Sircar Vice-Principal (Chairperson)
3. Mrs. Amongla Jamir Secretary
4. Rev. Dr. Dipankar Halder Bursar
5. Rev. Dr. Kailash K. Chatry  Member
6. Rev. Dr. Pratap Digal  Member
7 Mr. Dipankar Haldar  Member
9. Mr. Lalruatkima  Member
10. Rev. K. Lalzarliana  Member
11. Rev. Lalhriatkima  Member
12. Dr. Sentiwate Aier  Member
13. Dr. Wandahilin Kharlukhi  Member
14. Rev. Dr. A.C Thomas  Member
15. Mr. Sudipta Mahapatra  Librarian
16. Mr. Kamal Nath  Non-Teaching Representative
17. Mr.Samuel Dan Mundle  Students’ Representative